Ricardo Campello on Maui

on 26. June, 2014 – 00:22 / 4 Comments

Ricardo Campello released a clip with windsurfing action filmed during the last winter/spring on Maui. 

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  • valerio says:

    Et voilà. can anybody tell the difference between Ricardo’s old and new gear???
    Moreover, he seems to ride even better and, maybe it’s just an impression, he also semms less under pressure and more “happy”.
    Well done!
    By the way, nice imagery, drones are coming!

  • adrian says:

    How did he manage to plain on the beach and start from it afterwards? :D

  • Jake says:

    Ricardo gives new meaning to the term “beach start”!

  • splash says:

    Go Ricardo,go !! Wave sailing is about skills,fun and no stress- this is what Ricardo shows !! One of the all time greats.