Air Bob Amado Vrieswijk
on 3. January, 2014 – 08:35 / 9 Comments

A pretty stylish Air Bob by Amado Vrieswijk landed at Lake Neusiedl, Austria.




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  • claudio marzeddu says:

    can’t see any moves smoothly with this new player.

    • Indeed. Quicktime much better for tricks.

      • medea says:

        Hi Maciej!
        Thanks for the feedback. It is a difficult decision for us. We like the Quicktime Player, superior frame by frame control, but many people can’t watch the moves with their Android, Linux, at work, etc. and we are not sure if Apple is supporting the QT plugin in the future. But, we we are working in the background to offer a good solution in the future.

    • medea says:

      Hi Claudio!
      With which moves did it happen? Does it happen all the time? Does it happen with good internet connection, too?
      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Slajder says:

    The whole site hesitates to load, not only the video.
    By the way, it tends to be rather a culo, regarding the rotational axis.

  • fan says:

    the site loading time is ok, but all latest moves doesnt work on my desktop. loading but no video, only the divx sign.
    whats the name of the new player?

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    hi medea i have problem only with the new player. doesn’t matter if is a single move or an entire video…

    • medea says:

      Hi Claudio. This is strange. Normally it happens only when the internet connection is too low. The difference to the “old” player is, that the video starts kind of immediately. The old player waited to play until the clip was fully loaded. What if you press “pause” and wait until it is loaded and play the video then. Still not smooth?