Reverse by Antoine Martin – Video

on 29. September, 2013 – 20:28 / 5 Comments

Antoine Martin is an incredible radical wave sailor with a lot of style, power and no fear attitude. This time his best friend Theo Reynal, who spent several weeks with him on Maui edited the radical clip “REVERSE”. Antoine and Theo received additional footage from Lars Petersen, Kevin Pritchard and Levi Lenz and edited a really cool clip. He several times accelerated the clips quite nice, when Antoine went for a big Aerial or an Backloop. Antoine shows a lot of good action and soon he will be challenging a lot of top ranked sailors on the Worldtour.

In the video he not only sailed at Ho’okipa. He as well took a lot of risk at Jaws and had a massive crash. The monster wave took him. Watch the clip till the end and you will see Antoine Martin buried by a ton of water. Luckily he made it back on the shore again.



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