Bongka Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo
on 10. June, 2013 – 08:55 / 8 Comments

This Bongka by Gollito Estredo on Lake Neusiedler was amazing. 

©filmed by Motionmanager

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  • henrik says:

    This has to be the best bongka ever taped!
    Total insanity!!

  • gereon says:

    köster would have pulled a double

  • Frank says:

    This move is pretty stupid. It is only showing off. It screams: look at me I can do a decent spin loop and a wet flaka. If it was not because he is the pwa champ and can do amazing stuff you all would call this a poor Bonka.

    Or am I wrong? Please shoot me if this is me being stupid.

  • Frank says:

    Ok, I will worship the sect of the sailing community who will not see ;)

    But, gun and telling me I can not duck jibe is plain stupid. Please tell me sorry.

    • henrik says:

      “Or am I wrong? Please shoot me if this is me being stupid.”
      You wrote that which, I suppose, was an ironic way to ask if you were right or wrong, so Oly and I said “Gun”, which is of course not ironic at all since we really bought guns and are looking for you right now, crusading the entire world to find you, the evil mind, who threatened the sect of the sailing community ;).


      1: I did not see the irony in your comment (please use smileys).
      2: Odds that you might ever try a bongka yourself someday are very low.
      3: You threw us a line there ;)

      I’m sorry but no sorry! :)