Air Chacho Taty Frans
on 31. May, 2013 – 16:05 / 7 Comments

Taty Frans can do an Air Chacho even on a lake in the middle of Europe. 
Spot: Lake Neusiedler, Austria

© filmed by Motionmanager

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  • valerio says:

    Not an Air Chachoo actually , it’s something like a Forward Diablo…

  • valerio says:

    Not a real Air Chachoo actually, it’s more like a Forward Diablo…

  • Ivan says:

    It looks like air chachoo to me, bit delayed but still air chachoo. And fact that he did it on rather small chop, makes it really impressive.

  • Quincy says:

    A forward diablo are you kidding me !!!!!!! . SAME ROTATION, SAME DUCK (of sail), SAME BODY MOVEMENT as any other air chacho. It will and always will be an air chacho.
    Every rider has a different way off pulling off a move.

    Correct that it’s a bit delayed. He had to delay the duck to get the sufficient hight to execute this move in these conditions.
    Most air chacho’s have been done from a wave or swell, imagine the technical difficulty for pulling it off from a chop!

    Instead of writhing out loud and giving lame names for tricks that have been named already.
    Ask yourself first why he had to pull it off like that.

    This video proves again how freestyle is getting pushed to the limits again bye the top freestylers in the world.
    Please have the decency and respect towards the top riders who are pushing their body’s to the limit.
    Who are training all year long for the love of the sport.

    Mad respect to Taty Frans

    BAN PAMI ruman !!!!!!

    Peace Out

  • Ivan says:

    I agree, delaying this kind of move only proves how Taty controls situation in air perfectly. Respect

  • georgi says:

    Incredible timing. Not so much training but lots of raw talent.

  • kocar says:

    it s pure air chachoo in choppo conditions, Taty rocks he has a lot of power