Marco Wedele asks…

on 9. May, 2013 – 18:55 / 5 Comments

Last week at the PWA Freestyle event in Podersdorf Marco Wedele sat down with Alex Seyss, Matthias Kraschitzer, Max Rowe, Andy Chambers, Dieter van der Eyken, Phil Soltysiak and Max Matissek and asked some questions about the competition in Podersdorf and some general questions you always wanted to know.







  • rodri says:

    why you ask so much xxxxxxxx (crap), i think you have interesting people like Dieter who can answer some more intelligent questions….
    food or takeaway? come on this is a sport why you make it look like a space for drunk party people?

    • Marco says:

      Oh well, i know its a sport, and i think the answers show how much the sport means to the guys, at least most of the answers- just didnt want to ask the same thing, as all the others do, but i think it comes out clear how much appreciation of them goes into our sport- if you never been to Podersdorf then maybe you should come and pay a visit some time :-)!!

      • John says:

        I liked the interviews, good work Marco. That Max Rowe guy from England had some great answers.

  • Name (required) says:

    So is this really the end of windsurfing?

    • Name (required) says:

      IM SORRY this is such an shit video.. HOW can you EVEN want to UPLOAD this???