Davy Scheffers in the focus – Interview

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The PWA press officer Chris Yates caught up with the man who stormed his way back through the double elimination to eventually claim fifth place  at the PWA Surf Worldcup – thus far – Davy Scheffers. He impressed the judges with powerful clean moves and sailed 7 heats during one competition day. Davy had an ankle injury in the winter months, but obviously recovered very well. In 2012 he finished the tour in 11th position. For 2013 he has bigger goals.


PWA: You fought back to fifth place in the double elimination at Podersdorf. Are you happy with this result?

Davy Scheffers: Yeah, I’m really happy. I came back, but I wanted to do better, I want to start making the podium positions.


PWA: What are you aims for the rest of the season?

Davy Scheffers: Winning, I really want to start winning – but reaching the podium as a minimum.


Davy with great style at Podersdorf (Pic: PWA/Carter 2013).

Davy with great style at Podersdorf (Pic: PWA/Carter 2013).


PWA: What do you think the most important moves to do well in freestyle are at the moment? Do you have any new moves?

Davy Scheffers: For me I think I have to do something different – a lot of people are doing the same moves at the moment – so I have some new moves, but I’m not going to reveal anything about them. I also have a lot of new ideas, which I’ve been thinking about over the winter when I was injured for two months. I injured my ankle with a Shaka after two weeks in Brazil.


PWA: For people looking to start freestyle, what are the first moves they should be trying to do?

Davy Scheffers: For me I truly believe that it’s really important to make sure that you can do all of the basics really well, before getting into freestyle. Nowadays I think people can do a lot of stuff but they don’t execute the move perfectly or consistently. When you are good at the basics you can start to learn Vulcans and Loops and then progress more quickly.


Davy on Fuerteventura in 2012 (Pic: PWA/Carter 2013).

Davy on Fuerteventura in 2012 (Pic: PWA/Carter 2013).


PWA: How about equipment setup? Footstraps? Boom height? Fin?

Davy Scheffers: It’s important to make your footstraps big – so that you don’t injure yourself as it allows your knees and ankles to twist in the straps and come out of them easily. It’s important to make sure the straps grip the sides of your feet to feel secured to the board. I personally recommend a high boom because for me the moves look more stylish. For the fin I think anything around 17/18cm is fine, you don’t need to go smaller. If you are really young then a really small fin works great, because you don’t need so much power in your legs to start spinning. If you are struggling to stay upwind then use a slightly bigger fin as you will get more lift.


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