The Aruba Xtreme Event 2013 – Result

on 9. April, 2013 – 13:34 / 2 Comments

Amado Vrieswijk wins the Aruba Xtreme Event 2013 and Kiri Thode won the best trick contest with a clean Backloop rotation. Amado won the first and second elimination and Taty Frans, who was for the photoshoots on Maui during the first and second elimination, won the third elimination. 


Result Aruba Xtreme Event (after three eliminations)

1. Amado Vrieswijk
2. Youp Schmidt
3. Rafael de Windt
4. Steven Max
5. Ethan Westera
6. Taty Frans

Detailed result




Amado Vrieswijk




Kiri Thode

Kiri Thode





Freestyle Winners

Freestyle Winners





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  • No Music says:

    Is there no other free music available about something like wind, waves, …? Slightly annoying to have so regularly the same song in windsurf movies, in particular, as it circulated last year with very good reasons.

  • Music says:

    also why put to every windsurfing video fully like dubstep shit??? Nowadays, when people listen to dubstep its like ” awwwjeah, its that windsurfing music”. phaaaaah whyyyy. Where did we go wrong….

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