Skopu Dieter van der Eyken
on 6. April, 2013 – 14:33 / 4 Comments

At the moment Dieter van der Eyken is on Sardinia to prepare for the first PWA event in Austria. He is always on the water and he pulls the tricks easily. We filmed this Skopu at a spot a bit south of Olbia. It was pretty windy that day and the stormy gusts made the conditions really difficult. 

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  • Kan says:

    Amazing stuff! But how come he is on water all the time? He does have to work as well? Or is he a kind of guy doing nothing but play? I wonder how good all us other could have been if we could spend time in water all the time and did not have to work ;)

    • medea says:

      I don’t understand this jealousy. Dieter is one of the best freestyle sailors in the world, so what is wrong with training on Sardinia two weeks before the first event starts? At the moment he is running a freestyle clinic on Sardinia and as Sarah-Quita said, he studies as well, like some other 21 year-old people do.
      Dieter invests everything he has into his training and career at the moment. Nothing wrong with that.

  • He studies as well.. in Belgium !
    But eeeven if you had all the time in the world it would still take a lot of dedication, discipline and talent to be as good as he is now :-))

  • Kan says:

    No jealousy, just tender love and care. I don not think any human do good for them self with only playing and windsurfing, as much as we love it, is only playing. We do need a balance of play and work to be good humans.