Don’t let Go Making of – Wrestling

on 10. March, 2013 – 20:05 / 6 Comments

Camille Juban and Boujmaa Guilloul are great wavesailors. But did you know they are doing well in wrestling? They both had a nice fight when the wind was off during the Don’t let go movie production.

Watch the fight Morocco vs. Guadeloupe! Who is winning in the end the 30 second long ? Watch a funny making of clip!


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  • Spock says:

    That was a waste of 38 seconds of my life…

    • Gary S says:

      The description was pretty accurate. If you don’t want to watch wrestling, don’t watch it. I thought it was funny.

  • Birds says:

    Nice action, Next time: It would be much better to show a video of wrestling drunk.

  • don says:

    Those boys are so happy when they are together surfing, they play like kids, very good example for all of us,
    I am very pleased that there is such a friendly attitude among the pros.

  • aiman says:

    thanks Camille Juban ,to the nice simulation of a front loop.

  • Sjoerd says:

    Haha, thought it was entertaining :) Friends having fun