Frontside Wave 360° Ricardo Campello
on 23. February, 2013 – 21:46 / 12 Comments

Frontside Wave 3600° by Ricardo Campello filmed at El Cabezo in Tenerife.

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  • Kan says:

    Cool move, but he really should stayed with freestyle. Wave looks so lame and easy. Freestyle is kind of cooler and much more difficult. If Koster had the talent of Gollito he would never sailed waves.

  • Kan says:

    Did I hit a nerve? Yes, I am quite good at wave sailing, it gives me a buzz and I have fun with it, but everybody knows that freestyle is a different league. Seadi, Campello, Brown and Koster would all have done freestyle if they could compare them self to Gollito.
    On the lame bit, I do love wave sailing, but freestyling looks so much better. Wave sailing is like the same thing year after year with a little tweak every tenth year and most fun for the sailor, not the ones watching.

    • Gary S says:

      No man. Freestyle is the gateway into waves. When the freestyle guys get good enough and enough sponsors they can finally go into what is way more fun: waves. Look at the examples: Ricardo, Diony, Marcilio, Kauli, Levi Lenz, Thomas Traversa, and the list goes on.

      Wave riding is a lifestyle. It gets in your blood and makes you addicted down to your very soul.

      Your comment shows that you do not understand wavesailing. Which is fine. There are many things I don’t understand. But, I don’t post about them online.

  • Kan says:

    I think waves are stepping it down for all those guys. A way of life, yes, but not taking the sport any further. Btw, that is fine. We do what we want.

  • jan says:

    An over all would be interesting, freestyle and waves.

  • georgi says:

    After watching a few mind blowing spins you get bored with freestyle no matter wether it is Gollito or the occasional beach buddy. Still freestyle is better than kite handkerchief, though… But “boring and eazy” wave riding and jumping is a completely different song. I fully agree with Gary S. I never thought that its so exciting to watch slalom heats for instance- much more than freestyle.

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    ahahahahah this is the biggest bullshit i’ve ever hear in this forum…
    ahahahahahahahah go freestyle dude… waves are too easy for you.

  • I think I understand what you said Kan. I have a lot of respect for freestylers and waveriders. When I watch waveriding, I like to see the rider doing some freestyle on the wave. If he just surf, it’s nice but I get tired to watch that to. If the waves are realy nice (side-off) then it’s fun just to see the wave but if it’s on-shore, sorry I prefer freestyle…

    There’s one thing I could say about waveriders. I think that windsurfers go to waveriding the day they stop to progress at freestyle. Campello stop (I think ) freestyle because he was no more number one.

    If the windsurfer have enought cash to travel for wave, then he will go for waveriding (good for him) and often he will piss on freestylers ( I saw that many times ) . Most of the time it’s because of some frustrations ( the guy can’t do the last move and don’t know the name of that new move… ).

    I sail since more then 25 years, I do some freestyle and wave, and I always push to do some move on the wave or in the air… I respect everybody who respect other peoples, freestylers as much as waveriders!

    I have a problem with windsnob and waverider who think that waveriding is the best and only way to windsurf!

    Have a open mind por favor!

    Windsurfing is the best sport, lucky are those windsurfer who could practice with waves! Nice are the open mind windsurfers! Others …. pwet pwet

    • John says: Wrong. Every single accomplished freestyler I know would take a good wavesailing session over a freestyle one. I do freestyle, and prefer wavesailing. Go do some tiny 30cm spins on flat water if it suits you, meanwhile I will do 10m high jumps. For me and most other freestylers I know, freestyle is a time filler when its flat. You are probably saying this stuff because you cant do proper cutbacks and bog the rail on your turns

  • gary S says:

    Just to add to the conversation: wave sailors get paid more than freestylers. The top freestyler makes way less even than medium wave guy. This must mean something, no?