Backloop one handed Graham Ezzy
on 16. February, 2013 – 13:17 / 7 Comments

Thanks to our friends and Maui Nerd Productions for sending this perfect slowmo Backloop one handed by Graham Ezzy.






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  • Joe says:

    Interesting how weird the sail twists at the landing. That doesn’t look very healthy to me. How are the sails working? Any experiences anybody?

  • Gary S says:

    looks to be working pretty good in the video

    • Joe says:

      I’d really like to test one of them. It looks like especially the top doesn’t have any structure or strength and is just flapping and crumbling like a plastic bag in the wind. Maybe just different to Neilpryde or others. There are some other Ezzysails-videos (this usa-westcoast-video which was posted earlier this year) where you can see that especially the top is always going like backwind. Well, it doesn’t seem to stop these guys making incredible moves! I will definitaley test them! Graham and Kevin are good riders! :)

  • georgi says:

    I like the motion of sail. It breathes the back loop..Ezzy, unsurpassed as always.

  • Vladimir says:

    It work like any other sail at the landing. Sail choice is always the matter of self preference and quality. My opinion that Ezzy are wery limited in the range of conditions but if you can sail well you will adopt to everything.

  • Oly says:

    It cannot be seen clearly but the landing seems a bit hard as the rider is focused on his one-handed technique…hard landing means excessive mast deflection hence sail collapse…simple as that