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Mosca Point action – Video

on 7. December, 2012 – 00:07 / 2 Comments

Watch a clip of the last Mosca Point session with, Aleix and Eric Sanllehy, Pablo Ramírez, Omar Sánchez, Alessio Stillrich, Jose Romero, Dario Ojeda, Danilo Centonze and Josep Pons. Josep sent us the clip. The boys were sailing Pozo´s best wavespot on December 2nd.


This spot does not work on all windy days, but it´a point with great qualities. It needs decent swell and the right wind from north eastern direction. Most of the time are many surfers in the lineup, what makes it not too easy to ride this break on the windsurfer. And it´s not recommended to lose the equipment. It can end up on the rocks really quick. You can sail upwind from Pozo´s main beach or rigg directly above the spot and climb down the steep hill. It´s not too relaxed, but possible. Good luck. And if you just want to watch the action,  park up on the hill. You will have a perfect view! Let´s hope, that the spot will work many more days during the upcoming winterseason ….



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