Goya Windsurfing Festival – Video

on 8. November, 2012 – 17:24 / 2 Comments

Marcilio “Brazinho” Browne organized a really cool windsurfing event at Jericoacoara to support the young local sailors. Marcilio was born in Fortaleza, grew up in the northern areas of Brazil and has spent a lot of time at Jericoacoara before he decided to live on Maui, Hawaii. Have a look on the full event report and on the big photo gallery and the results here.




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  • Paulo Andrade says:

    Foi Show demais…Parabéns a todos os organizadores, e aos garotos que participaram. Meninos do Rio – Camocim Ce – Brasil.

  • Taty Frans says:

    little ripperssssssss :)
    the spot looks great.
    keep it up Browzinho.
    helping the kids is the best way. :)
    nice short clip aswell.