Goya Windsurf Festival 2012 – Jericoacoara

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From the 12th until the 14th of October the Goya Windsurf Festival took place in Jericoacoara (Brazil). The Goya team rider Marcilio Browne travelled to Brazil to sail, meet friends and to hand over the prices.

Marcilio: “It was really fun getting all the 25 kids together from Camocin and Jericoacoara for the entire weekend. It was great having them around and also sailing with some old friends from the town. The goal was to give those kids a chance to earn some new gear, get exposed and push the sport on that area. It´s a small town with so much talent and wind, some of those kids could be right now competing on the world tour and doing well, but unfortunately they don’t have financial support to travel and buy gear. We finished a freestyle/wave single elimination and also a super session and it was great to see them going for it. The top 3 guys got brand new gear, the winner of the super session also got a board, plus we gave a few boards away for the other riders, together with some new clothes and a few more gifts.”



  1. Jose dos Santos
  2. Hugo de Souza
  3. Luiz Domingues
  4. Jamilson


Super session winner: Hugo de Souza
Biggest crash award: Jose dos Santos ( big double forward crash )


Pic: Cleison Silva


Pic: Cleison Silva


Pic: Cleison Silva




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  • […] Marcilio “Brazinho” Browne organised and ran a really cool windsurfing event at Jericoacoara in October 2012 to support the young local sailors. He, who originally was born at Fortaleza and grew up in the northern areas of Brazil and now lives on Maui, Hawaii, was there and sailed with the young talents. He definitely gave them a lot of motivation and technical tips how to improve the skills. Have a look on the full event report plus on the big photo gallery and the results here […]