PWA World Cup Sylt 2012 – Gollito Estredo´s winning heat Single Elimination

on 30. September, 2012 – 14:09 / 5 Comments

In yesterday´s freestyle single elimination on the German island of Sylt,  Gollito Estredo was able to defeat Kiri Thode in the single elimination winners final. In really difficult conditions, with big chop and waves, Gollito was dominating the whole day and the winners final.  His next Freestyle Worldchampion title is close at hand. Gollito: “I’m super happy to have won of course, now we will see what happens in the double elimination, maybe I will share a beer with Andre (Paskowski) tonight.”

On the way out Gollito landed a huge Shaka, tried a Pasko, a Forward loop, a Backloop and a Shaka, later a Ponch and a Shove It, which was probably already after the heat. On the way in the superstar from El Yaque was able to slide through a clean Air Funnel one handed, nailed a Shaka and a perfect Burner 900°. In front of a big white water wall he slided through a Double Clew first Spock and a Switchstance Chacho.

Watch now the final run of Gollito:





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  • seenotretter says:

    are you shure this isnt a wave heat?!

    i dont understand, why there isnt a proper freestyle-tourstop with freestyle like flatwater conditions!? Vietnam and sylt for example… oh dear.

    • myr says:

      I think that it’s good that there are events in different type of conditions. I agree with you that those in Sylt are extremaly far from perfect but that just proves and show of how good the top guy realy are. Why do you wanna see them in boring flat conditions if they can stick all theyr best tricks in those conditions plus some extra typical wave manouvers. That was a great eleimination.

  • jack says:

    I agree with seenotretter, it would be better to see the riders compete in very windy and flat conditions, where they really can stick the more powerful moves.. I don’t see an event where they have strong wind and flatwater so it’s hard to see the best freestyle tricks. imho

  • Sam says:

    I think its good to see them in lots of different conditions at the end of the day his still doing freestyle not riding the waves so it is still a freestyle event. I would love to see some better locations where it is flatter and windier like brazil or even blue lagoon in Dahab even though its so far out of the way. At the end of the day i would worry about getting more than 3 events in the world series before complaining about the event locations. Anyways Sylt is sick because people can watch all 3 disciplines so it gets the biggest crowds which is what Windsurfing needs to progress as a sport. Regardless Gollito killing it as usual awesome to watch :)

  • mike says:

    I agree with the events being held in tough spots. for example in Fuerteventura the competition area was in an aera of inconsistant wind and messy chop.
    Probably nearly all of the top 10 guys can do every move, both ways on mirror flat water and consistant wind. But it is really the best of the best who can do these moves in hard conditions, and still make them look extremely powerful and stylish