Sultanate of FREESTYLE with Mattia Pedrani

on 16. September, 2012 – 15:32 / 8 Comments

The Italian freestyle windsurfer Mattia Pedrani is a regular visitor of the island Masirah in Oman, located in the Indian Ocean. The best wind period on the island is from May until September with south to southwesterly winds and very comfortable water temperatures in between 25° and 30°C.  
Mattia: “Almost flat water, 18 to 30 knots and 35°C and almost noone else around. That’s the new spot we’ve discovered in Masirah Island, Oman, that I’ve personally nicknamed “LifeLine”. This is the kind of conditions I dream about when I’m stuck at Lake Garda sailing with that infamous motocross chop… The soundtrack beat I produced using FLstudio9 is called “Sitar Trap”, and available for downloading on my soundcloud. Turn it uppp..Enjoy.”



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