Cutback Ricardo Campello
on 13. September, 2012 – 13:03 / One Comment

A Cutback with a lot of spray by Ricardo Campello. 
Spot: El Cabezo, Tenerife 

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Ricardo Campello:

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  • georgi says:

    Respect ! Ricardo- style spray. But as it is seen the arc of the the turn is broken by a spin out, otherwise it woud have been a Gillete super smooth shave. Ricardo got out of the situation in the breaking white water because he is Ricardo Campello, after all. It seems that even the quad set of fins can not overcome spin outs when pushed to the extreme… the opposite from the big talk from various shapers and big brands. I dont think there will be a difference if you are either on one, two, three, four or five fins in such case it is just law of physics. Please, friends, I will appreciate if you corect me.

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