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Red Bull Storm Chase: Riders and locations are fixed!

on 18. July, 2012 – 14:57 / 2 Comments

July 18, 2012 – The ten riders are chosen and the competition grounds are selected. Let’s get ready for the Red Bull Storm Chase, the most challenging windsurfing contest of all time, starting on August 1. You made your choices! Marcilio Browne (BRA), Daniel Bruch (GER), Ricardo Campello (VEN), Victor Fernandez Lopez (ESP), Boujmaa Guilloul (MAR), Philip Köster (GER), Kai Lenny (USA), Robby Swift (GBR), Julien Taboulet (FRA), and Thomas Traversa (FRA) – these are the ten riders who scored the majority of votes in the public online voting. They are the ones you want tosee tackle the fiercest challenge against the elements.

10 Red Bull Storm Chasers


From August 1 the sailors will be on standby to hunt down three massive storms anywhere in the world. To find the best regions for storm wavesailing Red Bull Storm Chase asked you for your favorite spots around the world. “The feedback was stunning”, said sports director Klaas Voget, who assisted Robby Naish, Duncan Coombs and John Carter with the decision-making. „148 locations were suggested by the community.



As the contest format requires maximum flexibility we spontaneously decided to pick seven instead of six spots: Brittany (FRA), Galicia (ESP), Cape Hatteras/US-East Coast (USA), the South West Coast of Iceland, the North West Coast of Ireland, Omaezaki at the South East Coast of Japan, and the North West Coast of Tasmania (AUS).”


Contest Period: August 1 – November 30,2012


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