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Kiani`s One Day on Maui – Report

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One day on Maui with Kurosh Kiani. Read his report and get some tips for your journey to the windsurfer´s paradise!


“Maui, an island known to the world as the capital of the sport of windsurfing. A place many windsurfers dream of visiting during their lifetime. I have been so fortunate to be able to spend time here over the last couple winters and coming here has definitely been one of the best things for me ever.” (KUROSH KIANI, DEN-13)


A lovely view cross the palm trees on the Pacific Ocean at Maui´s Shore (Pic: Kurosh Kiani).


What´s good about Maui is, that it brings lots and lots of days of good sailing conditions whether it´s for wave sailing or blasting slalom sailing. The weather is nearly always great and it is this combination of excellent conditions and great weather that makes lots of the brands choose this specific location for their yearly photo shootings.

In my opinion Maui is amongst one of the places on the planet, where you will get the maximum amount of water time in a variety of different conditions.
I am going to try to give the outside world an insight into a “normal” day for me during my time on Maui in the following lines. What do I do? Which places do I go? What is the routine on a typical day in my life on Maui?


Kman´s daily routine.


Now my typical day on Maui can seem eventful, but this has to be seen from the perspective, that I am there for a fairly short amount of time. During this time things happen in a fast pace with photo shootins, training and other things that come up, but none the less here comes a little story on how an eventful day goes in Maui. Now there will probably be lots of people disagreeing with me on some points, and I have probably left out lots of things, but this story is on Kiani´s Maui, and about how my life turns on this beautiful island.


Kurosh is checking the spots.


Wake up! I usually try to get myself into a place that is central within the different sailing spots on Maui, and this time I have managed to get a place in Spreckelsville which is more or less the most central place, even though it can be hard to find places here at an affordable price. This time I was lucky. So I have the privilege to get up and check out how the sea looks, when I wake up.

Mana Foods, the number one recommendation of Kurosh.

Breakfast time usually happens in a rush as I generally move very slow in the mornings. If it doesn’t happen in the house, I work my way into Paia town, which is the only central place nearby with shops and all other necessary facilities. This specific morning I work my way into Mana Foods, which is a natural and organic supermarket. Now I´m not the biggest organic freak, but I do like the juice they have there. This pitstop is perfect for this mornings schedule.


A quick healthy smoothie, while making plans with the teammates.



Morning meeting! This week the Simmer Style photo shooting is at its peak. I start the morning with a meeting with the other guys to finalize the plan of the day. We all meet up at Ho´okipa beach to check out the conditions as wavesailing is in priority. It doesn’t seem so good, so we decide to head over to the south side of Maui, which is more of the touristic side of Maui, but it offers beautiful locations. We head over there to finish up some presenting and rigging photos and videos. We hit up the town of Wailea and find a perfect grassy site to set up and start shooting.


Getting ready for a run!


 “There are lots of different “Mauis” so don’t just take mine, come and find your own! You are guaranteed best of experiences and memories for life wether you are a hardcore wavesailor, or if you have just discovered planing in the footstraps. See you on Maui!”
(Kurosh Kiani)


Kurosh fully powered up.



Action time! Today the focus is on getting shots of some freeride, slalom and jumping action, so we start off by heading over to Sprecksville beach to check out the conditions. Sprecks is a very popular beach for windsurfers as it gives you anything from flatwater to waveriding/jumping conditions, plus the background setting is beautiful. So lots of the money shots get taken right at this spot.

This is a perfect spot to glide through a jibe.

The waves aren’t really for it and we head down to Kanaha beach to get some shots of 2013 gear. Kanaha beach park is probably the most user-friendly spot on the planet with the biggest variety of conditions within a couple of kilometers. It´s protected by an outside reefs. On the inside you get anything from fairly flat beginner conditions to blasting choppy slalom conditions. The outside reefs offers great wave riding and jumping conditions, so our final choice falls on this spot. We set up all the gear and its action time finally.

Checking the shots while a photo shooting.


At this moment I can´t show the money shots as they are to be used for next years marketing etc., but we also managed to get some really good shots in from this year´s equipment. It´s really all about teamwork between the photographer, videographer and the sailors to make a photo shooting happen in a good way. Plus it helped a lot having the experience with the Simmer guys from the previous years. This little session is like a walk in the park. It went easy!
After the crew packs up and leaves for a late Ho´okipa session, it´s time to bust out the slalom stuff and get some training in with the boys to finish off the day. I rig my Simmer SCR 7,0 m and my smallest Fanatic Falcon as many other days, and hit the water once more for this last session of the day. Once you get into the right rhythm, there is really nothing distracting you from having several sessions a day. It is not unusual to have 2-3 sessions every day depending on the conditions. But this is what makes Maui to such an amazing playground for windsurfing and everyone who has been in this daily rhythm will agree with me.


Nice racing jibe action by Kurosh (Pic: Simmer).


Happy hour? It´s very late in the afternoon It´s now time to catch up with the rest of the team, who went for an afternoon session at Hookipa to satisfy their wavesailing needs and to talk about the outcome of the day. This is the social time talking about new ideas and plans for the upcoming days, and of course also the time for some relaxing after a long day. Once again we hit the cozy town of Paia, where the cafés and restaurants are mostly nice with good food and drinks. It´s a must do in any case!


Ben Proffit and Kurosh Kiani went for dinner together, without candle lights…

Maui midnight? As I mentioned, everything on Maui happens early, and that also goes for bedtime. 22:00 is usually known as the Maui midnight and at this point of hour everything is shut down on the north shore at least. By this time you are also absolutely tired from the daily activities, so best to get some sleep before another crazy day goes off. Who knows what it will bring. All I know is that this specific day was so much fun and memorable, but in the end also long and tiring, so if tomorrow is a repeat, it´s best to gather some energy.


Kurosh and his girlfriend, having some time together.

© Kurosh Kiani, Fanatic, 2012

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