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Spin Loop Tonky Frans
on 9. May, 2012 – 22:21 / 11 Comments

Tonky Frans is the master of Spinloops. 

©MotionManager/Christoph Zarfl

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  • Davy Scheffers says:


    • Gold says:

      Thank you very much for the comment’s silver ;)
      And bro don’t mind the hair, by the way they are not rasta…
      Hahahahahahahaha jajajaja your are so funny .!

  • Silver says:

    Crappy haircut, stylish moves as always. But the haircut is really crappy. Really it’s not good…not good at all. But his spinloop still rocks! ;)

  • sarah-quita says:

    hmmm… I seem to have missed the part where Tonky asked for an opinion on his haircut ?? If THAT was the point of this clip I would juuuust like to say I like Tonky’s rasta style ! Besides that… Perfect and effortless forward like always !!

    • Silver says:

      I don’t need to be asked a question to be allowed to answer. It’s called freedom of speech ;). Tonky is a cool guy, i have nothing against him. I like the rasta look, but it just doesn’t work on him. That’s my opinion, you have another one. That’s life. You shouldn’t see it as an offense :)

      • sarah-quita says:

        Hi Silver, no offense taken..
        I’m just disappointed to see that no matter what people always seem to be able to point out something negative.

        I think “freedom of speech” is a lame argument to back up your comments though. Go ahead say whatever you like. but it would be way more useful if you’d do it constructively. That’s the point of posting comments on this website.

        • Silver says:

          Oh, come on. I liked his spinloop, so basically it was a well balanced comment.
          Besides i hope you do realise that you’ve just commented negatively on my comment and gave away your opinion without being asked ;)
          On being constructive: How’s the typical “Sick move!” constructive? If only positive comments were allowed then we could as well just leave the comment section away. Comments are the mirror of societies opinion and i actually like that.

  • raw says:

    I can’t believe someone is making comment on hairstyles…

    go and get your GQ at the nearest newsagents’s quickly

  • Bram Schmit says:

    the lion of zion loop. sickkkk as usual!!