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Hangover Graham Ezzy
on 4. April, 2012 – 13:38 / 10 Comments

Graham Ezzy has been working on a move, which he calls Hangover (Air grubby off-the-lip). One of our Facebook followers pointed out that this move was already done by Thomas Traversa during the 2010 Reunion Wave Classic event. Thanks for that, of course, it is right. Thomas Traversa even won the best move category with landing this move..
If you want to see the move from Thomas Traversa you can watch the video of the Reunion Wave Classic. At 10:14min you will see the move. > Video Reunion Wave Classic 2010.
If you want to read Graham´s story about the move, including an interview with Josh Angulo, go to the UMI Pictures website: Graham Ezzy´s story about the Hangover

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