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Backloop Philip Köster
on 19. March, 2012 – 01:17 / 5 Comments

This is just AMAZING. Philip Köster jumps 4 Backloops in variations within a 49 sec. clip while filming for the DVD “Minds Wide Open“. If you still did not see the the movie, you definitely should order it. Order Minds Wide Open

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  • tobi says:

    FREAK !!!!

  • paolo biondani says:

    best windsurfer EVER!!!

  • yeah!!!! says:

    Philipp Koester is simply awesome! Keep it up!

    @Paskowski: stop spamming the web with your shitty movie!

    • Kieran says:

      Nice work. Way to detract from epic riding and filming with this gem of stupidity.

      If you think Minds Wide Open is a “shitty movie” and you want people to stop spamming footage of it, what are you even doing watching this video in the first place? Your very presence here contradicts your statement.

      The next time you have a thought, let it go.