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Air Funnell into Burner (Tow-In) Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo
on 7. October, 2011 – 23:57 / 6 Comments

Awesome combination by Gollito Estredo during a Tow-in freestyle session on Sylt.

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  • Jonny says:

    Air Funnell into BURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c marzeddu says:

    air funnel burner to me tooo… anyway

  • Silver says:

    yeah, that’s right…either Airflaka into ponch or Airfunnel into burner…i’m for the second version

  • Georg says:

    Gollito changed sails!!
    No more Ice… Hero from now one..
    so, he will be the world champion again!!!!! :)

  • boo says:

    Does anybody else think tow-in is lame? Impressive skill, but lame.

  • Windsurf professor says:

    2 bad the Northsails Hero sucks balls as well
    They should try putting some dacron next 2 the mast-sleve for easy ducking.
    Gollito with a Gaastra Pure or a Mauisails Loco in his hands will be worldchampion again in no-time.
    btw, The Neilpryde Firefly sucks as well