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Air Funnell 540° Julien Mas
on 18. May, 2011 – 22:52 / 5 Comments

Air Funnell 540° by the French freestyle winsurfer Julien Mas.

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  • Maarten says:

    (But isn’t a(n) (air)funnel always a 540 move, you rarely see the sailing on backwinded …unless they want to ad a culo ;-))


  • Maarten says:

    oops.. ad a burner I meant… (sorry for wining about the name again ;-))

  • Adrian says:

    Airfunnel is a 360 in the air…

    @ Julien: super clean!! Nice;)

  • Maarten says:

    @ Adrien, yep and then you slide an extra 180 and this results in 540. In a ‘normal’ funnel you do 180 in the air and slide the remaining 360… so this is an air-funnel. Unlike a spock nobody (?) finishes a funnel in the same direction as take-off… but hey that’s all just semantics and not everything is logical in the names of the moves… and it doesn’t change anything about the fact that this is indeed an excellent move by Julien Mas