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Air Jibe Asger Oegelund
on 12. May, 2010 – 18:52 / 4 Comments

14 years old Asger Oegelund from Thuroe, which is a little island in Denmark is windsurfing only since 1 year and 10 months. He lives close to his homespot Skaarupsund, where this Airjibe (Vulcan) was filmed. Asger´s goal is to compete once at the PWA tour.

We wish him Good Luck for his goals!

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  • patrick says:

    hi, clean airjibe!
    can somebody tell what sailbrand that is?

  • Tim says:

    It’s a secret Sails, look here:

  • patrick says:

    thanks, like the sails look, and good site too.
    but no dealer here in holland?

  • Asger Oegelund says:

    Hey Patrick ! No dealer in holland, no. But there is one in germany.
    I got my sails from Spain, and they arent expensive. I thinks it about
    500 kr/65 euro, for transportation.
    And the sails are fantastic, iv’e had Northsails once, but i think that secretsails is much better !

    Many regards Asger