10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven.com. Here are the 10 most popular articles from this last week.

  • Ben Proffitt Diary 4

Pozo Training Diaries 2016 by Ben Proffitt

All of Ben Proffitt's training diaries from Pozo Izquierdo at a glance.

  • Kevin Pritchard

Windsurfing California with Kevin Pritchard

Earlier this week Kevin Pritchard scored a double windsurfing session at Waddell Creek Beach and Davenport. Check out a short clip by Ian Boyd.

  • Max Rowe at Dakhla

Spring Break with Adam Sims & Max Rowe in Dakhla and Sotavento

Adam and Max did a last minute trip to Fuerteventura and the Western Sahara. And it paid off. Watch their video.

  • Robby Swift at Pozo Izquierdo

Marcilio Browne, Philip Köster & Co getting ready for Pozo

A little video appetizer of what is to come at the first PWA Wave event of the season at Pozo Izquierdo.

  • Arrianne Aukes at BonaireArrianne Aukes at Bonaire

Thoughts about women’s freestyle by Arrianne Aukes

Arrianne thinks a lot about women's freestyle.

  • Dario Ojeda with a Goiter at Pozo (Pic. Jose Pina/99NoveNove)

Dario Ojeda – Interview

Pozo local Dario Ojeda is back on track. New motivation, new sponsors, big goals...

  • Malcesine, Lake Garda

Mattia Pedrani at Lake Garda

Italian world class freestyler Mattia Pedrani released a video about his beloved home spot Lake Garda and practices the Kono Skipper.

  • Cheese Roll by Kiri Thode

Gutter Flip – Kiri Thode

Kiri Thode landed this clean Shove It Cheese Roll, which is also called Gutter Flip.

  • Victor Fernandez at Almerimar, Spain

Victor Fernandez in Almerimar

Victor Fernandez has fun riding waves in high wind conditions at his home spot.

  • Dieter van der Eyken Porto Liscia

Dieter van der Eyken – Wind Driven Journey #3 Sardinia

Dieter Van der Eyken shows you one of the best freestyle spots in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Make sure to watch this episode of "Wind Driven Journey".

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