10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven.com. Here are the 10 most popular articles from this last week.

  • Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne in Chile 2016

Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne in Chile 2016

Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne brought back some amazing waveriding and jumping footage from their annual trip to Chile. A must see.

  • Kauli Seadi hits the ramp at the Wesh Center in Leucate

Ramp session at Leucate

Kauli Seadi tests the ramp of Julien Taboulet at the Wesh Center in Leucate, France.

  • Kono by Nic Hibdige

Kono – Nic Hibdige

Planing Kono by the UK freestyle windsurfer Nic Hibdige.

  • Thomas Traversa at Cape Town

Cape Town 2016 ft. Thomas Traversa, Davy Scheffers, etc.

Watch some great windsurfing action featuring Thomas Traversa, Davy Scheffers, Antony Ruenes, Jamie Hancock and Graham Ezzy.

  • Podersdorf am See - Pic: Continentseven/Kerstin Reiger

C7 Facts – PWA Freestyle World Cup Austria 2016

A look back on the first PWA Freestyle event of the year, which took place at Podersdorf in Austria. Read more.

  • Taka Diablo by Antoine Martin

Taka Diablo – Antoine Martin

Taka Diablo by Antoine Martin in side onshore conditions.

  • NoveNove Team 2016

99NoveNove ways of riding K16

In this video Kauli Seadi, Nico Akgazciyan, Youp Schmit, Pascal Toselli, etc. present the 99NoveNove 2016 board collection on the water.

  • Burner one handed - Davy Scheffers

Burner one handed into Funnell – Davy Scheffers

A perfect one handed Burner into Funnell by the Dutch freestyle windsurfer Davy Scheffers.

  • Loick Lesauvage at Carro

Loick Lesauvage at Carro

Young French wave windsurfer Loick Lesauvage shredding the waves at Carro in France.

  • Balz Müller Double Forward Loop Crash

Double Forward Loop Crash – Balz Müller

Balz Müller was the only rider, who attempted a Double Foward Loop during the 2016 PWA Freestyle World Cup at Lake Neusiedl.

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